Remove all spaces with the Replace function

Excel - Remove all spaces with the Replace function
    1. Highlight the range that you want to remove all spaces
    2. Click Home > Find & Select > Replace…, the Find and Replace dialog box will pop out

    3. In the Find what box, press the space bar once, don’t input anything in the Replace      with box, then click Replace All. There will be a prompt message telling you how many    spaces have been removed. See screenshot:

    4. Then click OK, all of the spaces between the values are deleted. 

    Remove space in excel using trim and clean formula

    The TRIM function is fully automatic. It removes removes both leading and trailing spaces from text, and also "normalizes" multiple spaces between words to one space character only. All you need to do is supply a reference to a cell.

    TRIM with CLEAN

    If you also need to remove line breaks from cells, you can add the CLEAN function like so:

    The CLEAN function removes a range of non-printing characters, including line breaks, and returns "cleaned" text. The TRIM function then takes over to remove extra spaces and returns the final text.
    Note:- that CLEAN is not able to remove all non-printing characters, notably a non-breaking space, which can be represented in Excel as CHAR(160). By adding the SUBSTITUTE function to the formula, you can remove specific characters. For example, to remove a non-breaking space, you can use:

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