How keep Keyword Consistency

How keep Keyword Consistency

Keyword consistency means having the keywords or sets of keywords that you want to rank for in searches spread over all the elements of a particular web page.  This should not be confused with keyword density. Keyword density means the number of times a keyword is featured in the website content and this practice is no longer a deciding factor in improving the search ranking of your website. Keyword consistency, on the other hand, is a logical consideration for ranking high in search results, given that the keywords chosen for a particular web page indicate the category or topic of the page, and this is what search engines are looking for.

Using your keywords consistently will help search engine crawlers index and return the site in search results for that particular topic or keyword.  Although search engines may still understand some web page content without keyword consistency (due to the sophisticated indexing algorithms developed in recent years), keeping your keywords consistent will assist the search engines in understanding exactly what each page covers.

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