what are the benefits of internal linking in SEO

What are the benefits of internal linking in SEO

Each and every blogger is thinking about getting high reputation from both search engines as well as site visitors and so focusing on providing quality content. We all know content is king when it comes to SEO

What is internal linking?

Internal link is a normal hyperlink pointing from one page to other page within the same domain. Internal links are mostly used for navigational purpose

1. Internal links are more user friendly

Internal linking helps users to easily navigate within your site. By using proper anchor texts in your content you can show and send them to the most relevant pages that they are interested in. So if you’re writing an article about money making you can point your user from there to related categories and tags by using internal links.

2.Internal links increases page views

As it’s already mentioned above using proper anchor texts helps user to find more useful and related content in your site. This helps in increasing your site conversion rate. New visitors find it useful and can easily know your site structure and site links. More the people follow through your links increases in page views.

3.Internal links helps in increasing Page Rank

Depending upon quality back links Google gives you Page Rank for a page. A page with higher Page Rank passes the link juice to other pages which are internally linked. Other pages will get better ranked in search engines due to the flow of link from the page that has higher Page Rank. This in turn helps you to get organic search traffic.

4.Internal links reduces bounce rate
The percentage of visitors to your site who spending less time, that is just viewing one page and leaving your website immediately is known as bounce rate. Lower the bounce rate is the number of people staying so long by surfing within your site. So if you are linking to related posts then users will stay in your site for a long period of time which in turn reduces your sites bounce rate.

You can find out your websites bounce rate in Google analytics. Also see Google webmaster and Bing webmaster tools.

5. Better crawling and indexing

Benefits of internal linking in SEO Crawlers are smarter and designed in a way user thinks. These crawlers visit your site and pass through all the links and the pages get easily indexed. By internal linking they know you are pointing to other related content within your site that gives a bump to other pages.

Hope this article helped you with internal linking and the benefits of internal linking in SEO

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