Easy Steps Auto Backup Your iPhone Photos with Google Drive

Auto Backup Your iPhone Photos with Google

Google Drive app for iOS devices recently received a photo-centric update and a new  auto-backup feature that allows you to backup your iOS photos and videos to your Google Drive cloud storage. If you want to auto backup your iPhone photos to Google Drive, then follow the steps below:

If you do not see the 'Photos' folder on your iOS device, it means that the feature is yet to roll out. This 'Photos' feature is useful for non Google+ users. So if you are already using Google+ app for iOS, then you already have the ability to auto backup iOS photos via Google+.

1.To turn on auto-backup in Google Drive, launch the settings and tap on the 'Photos' and then tap the toggle switch to turn the auto backup on.
2.Now choose whether photo & video upload should start over Wi-Fi, or the mobile / cellular connection. And also select if you want the full-size backups of your photos and videos i.e. without compromising the image size or quality. The full-size backup option allows you to upload high resolution photos and videos.
3.Note that the high resolutions photos and videos acquire more space on your Google Drive than the standard resolution images.
4.Another thing to consider is that you will not be able to auto enhance images or tag faces like you do on Google+.

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