How to add Google page level /Anchor ADS on Blogger?


The Anchor ads will show on the lower part of the mobile device screen. If any user wants to close it, he or she will be able to close it by clicking on the x button.

The Vignette ads are the ads which will cover the whole screen of the mobile and these ads are the ads which will give you maximum revenue. These ads are also user friendly and users will be able to close it just by clicking on the x button.

If you log in to your Google Adsense Dashboard, you will find the notification from Google Page level ads.
Once you enable the ads, in the next step you will get the instruction to get the ad code and insert it in your blog. But here is the confusion!!
The above instruction tells you to insert the code inside your <head> tag of your blog. But it will not simply work if you insert it in your Blogger blog. Rather you will get an error message  “Attribute name “async” associated with an element type “script” must be followed by the ‘ = ‘ character.”
Then the idea came into my mind. I have added one HTML/JavaScript Widget in my blog layout and inserted the code into that Widget and it worked

Note: Please make sure, your Google adsense account is associated and added with your blogger account. You can simply check this by going to your Blogger Dashboard >>Earning >>Adsense>> and enable “Show ads on blog”. Also make sure, at least you are showing one ad using this feature. If you have confusion, you can read the article:


  • Log in to your Blogger account and also log in to your Adsense accout.
  • Go to your blog layout and add one HTML/JavaScript widget anywhere in your blog.
  • Copy the Google page level ad code and insert it in to that widget and save it.
  • That’s it! You are all done!

How to Check if Google Page Level Ads are Working in Your Blogger Blog or Not?

To check whether the ads are displaying in your mobile version of Blogger blog you need one simple trick. You need a mobile device and go to the mobile browser, type your blog url and add at the end of the url.

If it says, Google page level ads and showing ads in the lower portion of the mobile device screen, you are all done and you can take a breath assuming that Google has started showing page level ads for your mobile visitors. Isn’t it a cool trick to increase your Google Adsense earning? If you like the trick and think it will help your friends, share this in social media. If you face any problem, let me know via comments.

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