What is html HTML tag ?

HTML tag

HTML tags are the hidden keywords within a web page that define how the browser must format and display the content. Most tags must have two parts, an opening and a closing part. For example, <html> is the opening tag and </html> is the closing tag.

Delimiters: <, >, /

Delimiters surround the tag and inform the parser that it should read the enclosed information as an HTML element.
Tags contain elements which provide instructions for how information will be processed or displayed. There are both starter tags <TAG> and end tags </TAGS>


A basic unit of an HTML document. The name of the element is given in the name of the tag, and specifies the meaning associated with a block of text. Some elements are empty since they don't effect a block of text. Elements that have contents are also called containers, i.e., they contain attributes.
Example: the <HR> tag contains the Horizontal Ruler element. It is an empty element in that it has no attribute.


Defines a special property of an HTML element.
Example: <IMG SRC="image.gif"> means that the element IMG has an attribute SRC, which specifies the name of the image file, which is assigned the value "image.gif".
HTML is a structured hierarchical language that requires you to follow its rules if you wish your documents to appear correctly. For example, certain elements and tags are required to fit within other elements and tags and will not work unless they are properly placed.

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