How to set and change default application in Android app

How to set and change default application in Android app

If you've ever installed two different application that essentially do the same thing (music players, web browsers), you'll likely be presented with a small pop-up menu when trying to play a song or open a web page, asking you which application you'd like to complete the action with. Allowing the user to choose different application to open certain content shows Android's flexibility, but it also slows you down. Luckily, you can tap "always" and never be bothered when performing that action again.

While setting a default application is very simple, clearing default apps is not as straightforward

Setting default application

In this example, I'll show you how to set a default application with two different home screen apps, Google Now Launcher and Nova Launcher. Since Google Now Launcher was pre-installed on the phone, it will always default to it when I press home, but after installing Nova Launcher, pressing the home button will present this pop-up menu.

To set VLC Player as the default application, simply tap its name, and then tap on Always. You're done! Now, every time you press the home button on your phone or tablet, VLC Player will automatically open instead of the menu you see above. 

Clearing default applications

So lets say you set VLC Player as your default home screen replacement, but want Video player back. Or, you try out a new Player, and don't like it, and want to go back to using the Your default Player. Any time you want to clear your default choice for an application type, all you have to do is pop into Settings.

Go to settings you can see below image :-

Select your Default App  see image :-

Then Select clear default :-

Scroll until you see Clear Defaults button, tap it, and you're done.  Now you'll be given the Select a home app menu again when you press the home button on your phone or tablet. 

The procedure is the same for any app that sets itself as the default for performing a particular action, like an app that makes phone calls (such as Skype) making itself the default instead of your regular phone dialer. Just find the app in question in Settings > Apps, select it, and choose Clear Defaults.

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